In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of having a secure lock in your home. From deadbolts to padlocks and everything in between; locks are an important step in protecting yourself and your family from intruders.

Nowadays it’s not enough to simply keep valuable items out of sight or behind closed doors for security purposes; you need more than that if you want true peace of mind.

You can’t hide what you don’t know about – which is why it pays to be proactive about looking into new ways to protect yourself against theft and burglary by purchasing high-quality residential security locks today!

Want to know the best way to protect your home? How about an alarm system, or a guard dog? No. The single most effective deterrent against burglaries is still door locks. And not just any lock will do – you need a high-quality one that’s hard to beat.

Here are some tips for selecting residential security locks that can keep your family and property safe from intruders:

Consider which type of lock to purchase

When considering which type of lock to purchase, think about whether it would be difficult for thieves to break into if they tried using their tools or simply by kicking in the door. You’ll want something with at least four pins inside the cylinder (the round part where you insert the key).

For added protection, look for “best” rated locks that have more pins as well as a deadbolt lock. Make sure that your lock is easy for you to operate, but difficult for thieves. If you have a large family, consider getting keyed locks on all the exterior doors so that every member of your household knows how to operate them when needed – in case an emergency arises when everyone is outside doing their own thing. 

Ensure durability and strength

Doors are often kicked open by burglars. Make sure that your door is reinforced or tough enough to stand up to a solid kick from a burly intruder. If the door is hollow core, you may want to consider replacing it with a metal one or reinforcing it with additional screws.

If you’re worried about strength, always go with the more expensive option that offers higher security and protection for your home. You can also consider triple-locking your doors which means locking them from both the handle side and the deadbolt side of each door at night to keep out intruders. It might sound tedious, but it will offer the best protection in the long run!

Re-key deadbolt locks 

One of the most important residential security measures you can take is to re-key your deadbolt locks. Deadbolts are generally considered to be more secure because they can’t simply be operated by turning a knob and don’t require a key to operate – giving burglars less opportunity for entry.

Even if you have a high-quality lock, all it takes is one bump key to make opening your locks easy. And even if you do get a new lock, old keys might give access to intruders from previous owners or others who still might have copies of your key.

Expert Locksmith Tip: When shopping for deadbolt locks, purchase models that re-key automatically so you don’t have to worry about it.

Upgrade your door locks if you haven’t already

If you’re looking to beef up the locks on your doors, there are a number of options available to homeowners today. Door jamb reinforcement kits can be used with most types of exterior doors.

They’re easy to install, tough to kick down and give you an extra layer of protection on your home’s entryway. You can also consider installing interior door locks which are simple to install on most types of doors.

Determine features that will enhance security

Precision is key when you’re picking locks – choose one that’s easy to work with even in low-light situations if possible.

Some of the most common residential security locks are difficult to use in dark conditions, especially when you place them on the outside of doors in your garage or in your foyer. Look for a lock that’s illuminated with a LED light and easy to operate without any hassle when it’s dark out.

Consider additional security devices

If you’re concerned about how tough it would be for intruders to break into your home, it’s the perfect time to sign up for a home security system.

Alarm systems are simple to install, access is limited to authorized users only, and they allow you to keep track of your home when you’re away from it – which gives added peace of mind while at work or on vacation. Whether you go with monitored or non-monitored services, these security systems are tough to beat.

If you have a home alarm system already in place, consider communicating with your neighbors about setting up an emergency response system so that if one of you sees something suspicious on their property, they can easily tell others nearby through email or text message.

A high-quality lock won’t prevent theft entirely, but it should slow burglars down enough for you to go on the offensive and catch them in the act or get away before they strike.

Consider the type of lock each room requires

You want to know that you can rely on your chosen locks, so consider purchasing a set of several different types and working with them based on the specific situation.

If you’re putting locks in your garage or entryway, look for ones that offer quick access in case there’s an emergency inside the home when it’s dark outside.

If you’re putting locks on your bedroom doors at night, look for some that are easy to use and also sleek so they don’t cause any damage to the door.

Educate family members on how-tos of using your door locks

It’s important that every family member knows how to use their locks in case of an emergency, so teach them the basics and go over what might happen if they confront a burglar.

You can even purchase crime scene tape so they know exactly how to protect themselves when they hear intruders trying to enter the home at night!

Security Door Locks and Its Types

Now, what are the different types of security door locks? How to identify which is good for the type of residential building you live in? For most, the locks are made of steel for strength and easy installation.

Security locks are specifically designed in order to protect your property in the event of an intruder entering the home you live in.

Without them, any intruder has open access to your house, which means that their safety is jeopardized. Once they’re locked out, it’s much less likely that they will attempt to break in again.

1. Padlocks

They’re ideal for keeping out intruders who are already on the exterior of the property. It’s also a good deterrent for people who might be thinking about attempting to break in, and evidence shows that this type of lock is much more difficult to pick than traditional deadbolts and door locks.

This specific design has been around for centuries and remains a strong contender for the top security door locks on the market today.

2. Electronic Locks

Almost everyone has a keyless entry padlock these days, but it’s important to note that there are some benefits and drawbacks of using this type of lock system on your security door locks. One benefit is that they’re perfect for people who live in multi-unit buildings because they’re easy to install and help protect the entire structure.

If you want to add an extra layer of security, then you should go for electronic locks because they’re convenient and sophisticated. They’re great for doors that have glass panels because you don’t need a key or a thumb turn to unlock them; all you have to do is enter a code or scan your fingerprint.

These locks offer convenience for your family members who might’ve forgotten their keys, but there’s also a major drawback if any of these electronic padlocks are ever lost or stolen. Family members do not have physical keys to access their homes, which can be emotionally traumatic if a family member is ever locked out unexpectedly.

They’re also not as secure as a keypad lock, so they’re better-suited for people living in multi-unit buildings instead of single-family homes. Don’t depend on this type of security door lock to keep all criminals away from your property.

3. Rounded Locks

The rounded design locks were first invented in the 1880s and still remain a top choice for people who want to keep their properties locked up tightly.

This is because these locks provide added security beyond traditional security door locks, which makes them ideal for high-traffic areas like schools, daycares, and businesses. It’s also an efficient option for doorways that have glass panels as well as those without.

4. Key-In Knob Locks

This type of security door lock is the simplest design on the market because it’s been around since the 1920s and remains a popular choice for people who live in older buildings or need to replace their original locks.

It’s still considered one of the best types of security door locks, but it’s also very easy to pick if you don’t have a key.

5. Cam Locks

This type of lock is best used on doors made from steel because the cam itself can break if it’s attached to a wooden door. And because it needs a key to open, this security door lock doesn’t provide the same level of protection as other types of locks.

6. Deadbolt Locks

This type of lock is the most popular because it’s tougher to break in compared to other types of locks. While there are different types of deadbolt locks, the single-cylinder deadbolt lock is the toughest to open.

How can you tell if your lock is a single cylinder? Just check for a latch on one side and a keyhole and lock on the other. If it has those three, then you know that your lock is indeed a single-cylinder deadbolt.

The reason why this type of lock is harder to open is that it requires an intruder to first unlock the door from the inside (which is made impossible) before entering. After that, they’ll have to locate the keyhole on the outside of the door in order to unlock it.

The last step is getting back inside without being caught by you or your neighbors. The single-cylinder deadbolt lock is recommended for doors that are at least two inches thick, which can take a lot of time for an intruder to breach.

7. Rim Locks

Weighing three pounds (lock + installation), this type of lock is ideal for short deadbolts. Once the deadbolt is extended, it acts as a lever that can be pulled out and pushed in again to engage the locking mechanism.

This means that you don’t need a key or a thumb-turn to lock it. All you have to do is push and pull the deadbolt in order to engage or disengage the lock.

8. Mortise Locks

Just like a rim lock, a mortise lock can be locked without using a key. The difference between the two locks is that a mortise lock has a larger body and a larger bolt. It’s ideal for homes that have French doors or bigger garage doors.

9. Push Bars

If you want a lock that can be used in the event of an emergency, this is the best option. In other words, it’s not meant to keep out burglars, but your children or elderly parents should know how to use it in case of a break-in.

Don’t Forget the Installation!

Of course, it’s not enough to purchase security locks. While you’re at it, why don’t you also invest in security doors? Not all homes are capable of standing up against burglars because these people know how to get into any building, regardless of how high-end it is.

Be sure to talk to the experts about installing security doors in order to protect your family and property from a burglary.

If you’re looking for locksmiths who can help keep your family safe, give San Antonio Car Key Pros at (210) 960-8984!

Keep all of these tips in mind when it comes to picking locks if you want to avoid being a victim of theft or burglary. Don’t leave securing your home up to chance – instead, make an investment in the highest-quality security door locks available.

Having good locks in your home is the best way to protect you and your family.

If you’re looking for a locksmith company that offers security door lock installation as well as other locking services as part of their residential security package, please call us today!