24-Hour Lock Services in Katy TX - San Antonio Car Key ProsIn this write-up, we will examine the best 10 door lock brands. Every one of the companies rated below design various lock models having different capabilities and features.

#5.) Mul-T-Lock

This company has done an excellent job of gaining great popularity among homeowners and locksmiths alike. The brand is trusted by a lot of people owing to a number of reasons like the silhouette’s bicep flex. It manufactures locks that are very secure. Typically, keys technology is fortified with an active element, making it a bit harder to pick. Of course, they’re pickable, but they’re a hard nut to crack.

#4.) RR Brink

RR Brink is among the few companies trusted by the US to design prison locks for the country. Locks manufactured by this brand are responsible for making sure that the most dangerous individuals are stored away securely. If you desire a door is difficult to access by unwanted people, this company should be your choice.

#3.) Yale

Yale is well-reputed to be the creators of the present day pin tumbler lock. This implies every one of the technically better companies adopted this Yale’s invention. Irrespective of the brand you’re using — whether it’s a Medeco or a Kwikset— all of them owe their design to the pioneering design of Henry R. Towne as well as Linus Yale, Jr. Yale locks are powerfully constructed and typically offer about 2 spool pins.

#2.) Evva

This another top brand and the major product that makes it stand out is robust features offered by the MCS model. The lock comes with a very complicated magnetic key system, which is arguably yet to be picked. Even if it eventually gets picked or bypassed, it will be an arduous task. Apart from this, they provide all-around quality door security. By using magnetic pins in the key-way, it shows Evva is an extremely unique brand. There’s deep trust for this company within the lock picking circles as well as within the locksmith community. When professionals have confidence in a brand, this is a sign of quality.

Top Pick: ASSA-Abloy

Do you have trust in any of the popular lock brands like Medeco, ASSA, Abloy, Corbin Russwin, Yale or Mult-T-Lock? If so, it is quite probable that ASSA-Abloy is the manufacturer you should thank. This corporation owns as well as produces the locks of the brands mentioned above. It is the company responsible for all these feats. Apart from the brands above, other companies ASSA-Abloy owns are Chubb, Arrow Lock and Door Hardware, Emtek, Sargent, Union, ENOX, IKON, HID, VingCard, Pemco, Ameristar, Fargo Electronics, FAB, Traka, Crawford, Elsafe, Rixson, Besam, Lockwood, Adams, and Rite. ASSA-Abloy has inputs in every kind of various security pies; however, their lock brands are so very popular. In the security industry, popularity is equivalent to trust and quality.


The type of door lock you employ in securing your home shouldn’t be chosen based on the brands trusted by most people. As security isn’t a popularity contest ensure that you select the brand which adequately suits your needs. A locksmith can assist you if that is what you need.