24-Hour Lock Services in Katy TX - San Antonio Car Key ProsPersonal safety and home security are a very important matter to all homeowners. By having quality door locks installed you will significantly improve the security of your home. Many statistics point out that burglars are usually choosing to break into those homes that have low-quality locks installed and look easy to break into. Besides functionality, the appearance of the heavy duty door lock is also very important. Knowing the different options can help you in deciding about which type of door lock you should use for your home.

One of the most common door locks used by many homeowners today is the classic deadbolt. This type of door lock is among the strongest locks on the market. This type of door lock is very hard to break through and many of these locks also have saw resistant screws, which makes it impossible for the burglars to cut them. The complex inner latch system in this lock adds, even more, security and makes it difficult for intruders to try breaking them.

Classic deadbolts often come together with code locks. That is a handy feature, as it eliminates the need for having a key. That is ideal for those people that tend to lose their keys often and also helps in avoiding someone to copy your door key. Many locks like these also come with different alarm systems that get triggered in the case when a wrong code is entered. When using this type of combination door lock, an important thing to do is to use a code which you will remember, but that is not easy or common code. One negative side of these combination locks is that for those places where many people are entering and exiting, some may feel a bit uncomfortable or unwilling to give their lock code to many other people.

Lots of people today do not believe in the use of classic key chain lock. They believe that this is not a very good system, and although it should not be used as an only form of home protection, chain locks can provide additional security against breaking in. It may cause the burglar to give up when he sees that there is an additional thing that he needs to break. Chain locks also make a big noise when they get broken, so burglars do not like them. Today, there are many chain locks that have a key lock on the inside wall, and they can be unlocked and locked from outside the house. This is ideal for those homes that are left empty for an extended period of time, like when people go on vacations.

Night latches are a great option for those people who often forget to lock their doors. They are installed from inside the home and are locked automatically and instantly when the door gets closed. Although night latches are effective, they are still considered light security option and should be used in combination with safer door locking system.

Every home is different, so there are many types of door locks for home safety. By learning the advantages of each door lock you can decide more easily which door look is perfect for your home. For advice it is suggested that you hire a locksmith to go over your options.