San Antonio Car Key Pro’s, one of the leading locksmith services in San Antonio has announced a special service to rescue kids who get accidentally locked in cars. The rising incidents of small children who have been accidentally locked inside vehicles has recently led to concerns regarding the safety of children, and the new service has been launched to address the issue that can potentially lead to fatalities.

In a recent survey of 1,000 parents and caregivers, 11% admitted to forgetting their child inside a locked vehicle. It is becoming quite common for parents to leave little children alone in a locked vehicle. There are also cases of negligence where children as small as three years of age or less are found locked and forgotten. Since temperature inside a locked vehicle can rise abruptly, fatalities can occur due to heatstroke. The new service by Locksmith will ensure that in all such cases, help is ready at hand and rescue teams reach the vehicle in the shortest time possible.

Daryl Uberoi of San Antonio Car Keys Locksmith Pro’s said, “A service like this was sorely needed in San Antonio, where we see everyday incidences of kids getting locked inside vehicles. We would like to say that we are here round the clock, and ready to save precious little lives.”

The new emergency child rescue service is available by calling (210) 960-8984 and can be accessed via mobile phones and on their website. The service is manned by trained experts who use the latest unlocking tools to gain quick access to a locked vehicle for rescue.

San Antonio Car Key Pro’s is a reputable name in the locksmith business since 2004. They are centrally located in San Antonio Texas to assist residents with all of their locksmith needs. With a staff of highly trained experts and 24 hour services the company has grown very popular in recent years.

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