24-Hour Lock Services in Katy TX - San Antonio Car Key ProsLive in San Antonio Texas? Have you been to the local hardware store and asked how much it would cost to replace your locks? It is unlikely that you will get a good answer there. You should ask a locksmith in San Antonio this question as they are in the business of changing locks.

First, do you need to change your locks on your San Antonio home?

You probably do, if you have stayed in the same house for more than 10 years without changing the locks. Locks are susceptible to damage over time and do not always function at their peak performance. So, it’s better to get them changed after a period of time, say 10 to 12 years.

How to replace a lock? How about the DIY approach?

You will need to hire a local locksmith service in San Antonio to replace the locks. Sure, you can go the DIY route and change the locks yourself, but that is something we would strictly advice you against. It is very rare for a DIY job to be done perfectly and your home security is something you cannot take chances with.

Call a locksmith in San Antonio.

So, call a local locksmith in San Antonio and get them to change the locks for you. The cost of changing the lock starts at $35. This is the minimum, and it can go up from there. The final price will depend on how many locks need to be changed, their complexity and whether you purchased the locks directly from the market or ordered them through the locksmith.

The San Antonio residential locksmith would find a decent lock for you from a top-rated brand at a discounted price. They have access to discounts and special prices from lock manufacturers, a privilege that is not granted to the public, who can only at a market price. The cost of the locks provided by the locksmith will be between $25 and $50. It could be more, depending on the sophistication of the lock.

Exterior vs. Interior Locks

Another question to be asked is whether you will only be changing the exterior locks, or do you want the interior locks to be changed as well. Exterior locks and interior locks are different from each other, they are not made equal. Exterior locks are more secure and hence more expensive. They serve as your first line of defense.

Cost of replacing the lock

The initial fee of $35 covers the locksmith’s charge for responding to the service call. This is the initial fee; it can increase with every subsequent service provided by the locksmith. – But all San Antonio locksmiths price it differently. This is just a rough estimate of the average price to begin residential locksmith services in San Antonio TX.

If you need to get 4 locks replaced, then the cost will obviously increase. The locksmith in San Antonio may charge an extra of $5 to $25 for each additional lock that needs to be changed. Generally, the locksmith takes 5 to 10 minutes to install the lock.

Now, how much should you really spend on changing the locks? A better question would be, how much is your home security worth? High security locks such a Grade 1 deadbolt will cost much more than a Grade 2 or Grade 3 deadbolt.

So if you want the best possible security for your property, you should be prepared to shell out more on the locks. A high security branded deadbolt lock by a company such as Medeco can cost you anything from $130 to $250.

*Disclaimer: The opinions discussed about prices for locksmith services and lock installation do not necessary reflect the price that we will charge for your particular locksmith service in San Antonio. This blog post is to help give you the consumer a broad idea of the cost of lock installation services. For a quote of residential lock services give us a call today at (210) 960-8984.