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When Rekeying is Important for Home and Business Owners

When Rekeying is Important for Home and Business Owners

There are a number of reasons why you might want to consider rekeying your locks. Whether you've just moved into a new office or home, or you're concerned about security, rekeying can be a great way to protect your property. It's no secret that keeping your home and...

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Prevent automotive theft with these tips

Car theft is something that occurs very often. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration one vehicle is stolen in every 44 second in the US. 50% of cars are recovered. This may seem to be a high success rate but, the cars recovered are found to...

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Stop car thieves right in their tracks

Did you know that according to security surveys, more than 2,500 cars are stolen per day? That’s almost two cars per minute! Cars are hot targets among thieves. Whether they want the car itself or the valuables that are inside it, breaking into your car will only take...

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How to secure your home from Zombies

In some areas, zombie attacks are real. Zombies are threatening every aspect of our lives, including our families, homes, and brains. According to Rick Grimes from the North Georgia Zombie institute, close to 82% of attacks in campsites, homes, and farms is caused by...

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Contact a locksmith in times of an emergency

Surely you remember the time when you lost the keys to open the lock on your house, or when you closed the car door and the keys were inside, or maybe when your husband broke the key inside the door panel. On countless occasions, you have experienced difficulties of...

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