Commercial Locksmith Services In Odessa TX - San Antonio Car Key ProsIn some areas, zombie attacks are real. Zombies are threatening every aspect of our lives, including our families, homes, and brains. According to Rick Grimes from the North Georgia Zombie institute, close to 82% of attacks in campsites, homes, and farms is caused by zombies. The attacks happen in seemingly quaint neighborhoods and even along train terminals. So how do you protect your home from zombies attack? Here are some ways to do so.

Secure the perimeter

You always hear that keep your windows and door closed to keep unwanted guest away. However, when it comes to zombies there is more that needs to be done. It is wise to take further precaution using screws instead of nails and adds a surveillance camera to know if the threat has passed. Also add an alarm system and window bars for extra protection

Know and coordinate with your neighbors

Neighbors are more likely to face the sea horrors as you. To help contain the situation and keep the brain eaters away. Stay in close communication using ham radios, CBs, and walkie-talkies. These methods are reliable. Also, consider using mirrors or flashlight signals to exchange information once any neighbor spots a zombie.
Have a look point

Your home doesn’t have to be at the peak of a mountain to spot zombies. A window in the highest room in your home will act just fine. Make sure the window faces the place where you think zombies can attack from.

Have Weapon in your home.

Consider arming yourself with knees, explosives, firearms and other weapons. Don’t just include these things in your home, but also learn how to use them and when. For instance, you can use a hand grenade on one zombie or a sword on a group of zombies, learning how and when to use your weapon is the best defense you will have.

Use the best locks possible

If your home is prone to zombies, then the last thing you can ignore is using the best door locks. Make sure your locks offer you maximum protection. They should not be easy to open or break.

Finally, you need to make sure you are in good physical health daily. Living in a zombie prone area might sometimes mean making a dash to save your life. You should be fit enough to keep running without getting tired. Whatever you do, your home should be safe from zombies.