Did you know that according to security surveys, more than 2,500 cars are stolen per day? That’s almost two cars per minute!

Cars are hot targets among thieves. Whether they want the car itself or the valuables that are inside it, breaking into your car will only take seconds. As car thief is on the rise, do not let yourself become a victim. Below are five practical tips to stop the car burglars in their tracks:

Find a Safer Spot to Park Your Vehicle

Crimes can happen anywhere. But, whenever possible choose a safer spot when you park your car. Check your surroundings first. Opt to park in well-lit areas. Burglars will be more intimidated and discouraged to perform crimes when they know that they can easily draw attention or be seen easily.

In connection with this, be sure to lock your car when you get out of your car and even when you are inside.

Install Hidden Kill Switch

Installing hidden kill switch or switches in your car is a clever and more economical way to thwart car thieves. These kill switches will disable your car from starting. They typically work in two ways by disrupting the flow of electricity at the battery or the ignition or disabling the fuel pump. The relatively small switches can be installed in discreet areas or anywhere under the car seat, under your dashboard, or in the trunk.

Invest in Quality Alarm System

Invest in quality and professionally-installed car alarm system. Alarm systems are one of the effective ways to deter car thieves. The alarm will immediately notify you should an intruder attempt to break in your car. The loud sound of the siren will also easily startle and discourage the ill-intentioned intruder. Advanced alarm systems can also be programmed so that police can be alerted automatically in the event of a robbery attempt.

Make Use of the Clever Security Features of Your Modern Car

Most modern cars now come with enhanced security features that work efficiently in stooping car thieves. You may not be aware about some of these clever systems so it’s good to familiarize yourself with them so you can take advantage of the features. Usually, modern cars are equipped with these advanced features:

Systems that will enable the vehicle to automatically lock as you pull away. GPS tracking devices.

Automated engine immobilizers and deadlocks

Personal alarm pagers which work by sending an alert directly to your mobile phone when the system thinks there is a break in attempt.

Tint Your Car Windows

Your windows can be an attractive sight for the burglars where they can peep through what is inside. As a precautionary measure, make sure you don’t leave valuable items such as laptops, cellphones and jewelries inside your car. If you can’t avoid it, make sure the items are not in plain sight. You can also opt to have your car windows tinted. Window tints can help limit the visibility of what’s inside your car. Just be sure to check first regarding laws in your state concerning how much tint darkness is allowed.