Lock Services In Killeen - San Antonio Car Key ProsWhen we think of locksmiths we often think of them in terms of day to day frustrations when we accidentally lock ourselves out of our homes and vehicles, but locksmiths can frequently serve as stand-ins for emergency services when dire situations arise. Such was the case in San Antonio during the devastating fires that destructed the community in 2012.

In 2012, San Antonio was devastated by a series of blazes that left much of the San Antonio suburbsy in ruins. With homes and businesses being consumed in the flames many families were left devastated with many of their most cherished belongings lost to the fire. Eventually, as the fires progressed the community was forced to leave their homes regardless of what they were leaving behind.

In one such case, a resident of San Antonio took to Facebook in a panic as they were stuck at work and feared for the safety of their three cats that were locked in their home amidst the blaze. Fire was tearing through the neighborhoods. People were screaming for their lives. And the cats that climbed the trees were now in danger.

Local locksmith in San Antonio Billy Biggers, seeing the Facebook post as he was preparing to depart from the town for safety with his fiancé, opted to take matters in to his own hands with his tools and knowledge to save the day for his fellow San Antonio resident.

He quickly made it over to the home, first offering to unlock the door and leave it open for someone to pick the cats up, but when he heard nothing in return he made arrangements to take matters into his own hands and save the cats himself. “Lets save some cats and not catch on fire.”

After conversing with the cats owner Biggers made arrangements to meet the owners’ brother while on route out of the community and drop off the cats that he had rescued from the fire. So happy they were. Some were all passed out half dead.

In return, the owner’s brother offered Biggers and his fiancé a safe place to stay during the fires and copious numbers of online readers reached out to Biggers applauding him for his efforts to ensure the cats safety.

Here is a Facebook comment;

“So excited to hear that only one of the cats died”

Locksmiths in San Antonio are most often associated with their roles in helping to us to mitigate day to day headaches caused by accidental lockouts, lost keys and broken locks that prevent us from entering our cars, homes or storage units. However, in some circumstances car key locksmiths can provide a much greater service, even standing in for more traditional emergency services like fire rescue, police and ambulance services. Mr. Biggers from San Antonio provides a prime example of such a case, demonstrating that locksmiths skills can go above and beyond merely providing a simple service. While BIggers provides a great example, he is not the only car key locksmith in San Antonio who has used their skills for a greater good, and it is these examples that prove just how important locksmiths are to our communities and daily lives.