car key replacement #city#For all of history there has been a lot of mystic wrapped up in the services of a locksmith. Like a magician with their bag of tricks, the locksmith has always been able to awe and inspire. From the ancient pad locks guarding the gates of palaces, to straight jacket locks, to the modern residential locks on the homes of today, the locksmiths job remains much the same that it always has. The main difference between the locksmith of days past and today is that there are many different kinds of highly specialized locksmith services.

Quick list of locksmith services today:

  1. Automotive locksmith – The automotive locksmith of today needs to have on hand more than what is typically found on cars before the electronic age. Today they need to keep with them transponder key programming technologies in order to program transponder keys. Transponder keys are like typical keys in the fact that the key has grooves cut into the surface of the key, but within the key itself there is a computer chip which will allow the vehicle to be turned on.
  2. Residential locksmith – Residential locksmiths of today have a whole new set of circumstances to deal with. Unlike the homes of the past where all that you needed in your locksmith tool kit was a set of lock picks and some spare door locks laying around, today the residential locksmith needs to have on hand the latest in key cutting technologies, 1000’s of spare keys and cordless drills.
  3. Commercial locksmith – Another big advancement in the locksmith industry can be found in the commercial sector. Commercial buildings require a higher level of security than most homes because of hazardous materials, weapons stored and so on. Commercial locksmith technologies include key card locks, biometric locks (thumb print or retina scanning locks) and high security electronic locks that can be actuated from your cellphone.
  4. Emergency locksmith – On demand is the need for emergency locksmith services. The locksmith of today needs to be readily available to assist customers in emergency situations. They need to be on call 24 hours a day to meet the needs of the community. This includes rapid response times and having a vehicle that can get to the customer quickly. A quality locksmith van makes all of the difference.
  5. Safe cracking – The most mysterious of all locksmith services is the services of the safe cracker. Safe cracking services are a specialty that not all locskmiths offer because of the technical nature of safes. The best of the best locksmiths offer safe cracking services.

So there you have it. Locksmith services are more than you imagined.

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